Tuesday, 1 May 2012

By 9 o’clock this morning I was ready to put my littlest one back where he came from. He’d been getting up since 4:30am and permanently up from 5:30am onwards. It’s not the early start that was the issue, sleep is overrated for most parents anyway, it was the fact that his behavior was feral. You know nothing would appease him, he frequently burst into tantrums and basically drove me bonkers. At 5.30am I had to argue with him that he could not have milk and Weetbix on a plate which resulted in a 10 odd minute tantrum despite the sleeping house. Jumping on the trampoline at 6am is also out of the question and no he could not wake up his brother to drive him to the shops. I gratefully left the house about 10am. You know sometimes it makes everyone just feel better to get out. Rushed off to an errand before collecting my bigger kids from school for a special outing. Don’t ask me how I didn’t notice the red light on the dash or the beeping noise, in transit from errand to school going around a round-about rear passenger door flies open. Of course there was a bus stop just after this round-about and the door knocks a man over. He shouldn’t have been standing so close to the edge anyways. A hundred apologies later and loads of deep breaths I’m off again. I get to the kids school and realize I’ve left the tickets at home. Brilliant! It’s at least a 15 minute drive back home, 15 minutes back to school and then 20 odd minutes to the show and I only had just over half an hour to get there. DAM. Somehow we made it and despite Mr. Cranky Ants Pants toddler climbing all over me and talking far too loudly at all the worst times, the show was amazing. A dinosaur petting zoo/stage show and it was cool. To continue the special treat we went home via Hungry Jacks. I’m sure it will busy there tomorrow about lunchtime since toddler quite happily and proudly stated, “Mummy, your boobies down there” whilst pulling my top all the way down and flashing my full chest to the lovely lunch time crowd. Was of course full of tradies who loved it and a couple old ladies who may have been having heart attacks as they left rather quickly. To rub salt into my wound some ten minutes later refilling my soft drink, one of these blokes comes over and says “Have I seen you before?” Bright red I turn and look at him and say “Um yeah you have, think maybe just a bit too much of me.” To which he replies with an air of distaste “No not you. We all saw you. I’m talking to her.” The woman standing behind me, who I might add was snickering her head off. Oh yeah I was THAT person and I felt like I was in high school in some popular kid practical joke.

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  1. oh Emma Bemma, I don't know whether to laugh or cry - probably both. This blog is so wonderful for us mums - it makes us all feel a bit normal. I had the worst shopping experince of my life yesterday - Claire would not stop screamimg and Grace wanted to walk and look and touch everything. They were not being naughty at all but I had a zillion things to buy and I could not think about anything except the monster headache I had. I can't even remember what the hell i bought. I have two huge bags of stuff that i have not had time too look through yet.