Friday, 11 May 2012

Tips for the adult child

  • Take her to have her hair done. After its finished and you've paid for it spend some time with her having a cuppa or some lunch

  • Cook her dinner or lunch or breakfast. Plan the menu, buy all the food, prepare and cook it all and then clean it all up.

  • Go for a manicure/pedicure/massage/day spa experience with her.

  • Take her to the movies. If your budget can't do that, hire a movie she would like to watch from the video store or library and watch it with her. If the budget is flush take her to a show or pay for her to go with someone.

  • Write about your best childhood memories and put a photo of you two together with it.

  • Instead of giving her a gift card take her shopping and enjoy the time with her. Don't nag her and complain all the time.

  • Bake her a cake/biscuits/slice and go around and enjoy some with her over a cuppa.

  • Make her something. Bunnings has some D.I.Y ideas. Gifts with photos are always great too.

  • Do her gardening. Get her house cleaned.

  • Get some professional photo portraits done with her. This is something you can all treasure for many years to come.

  • Have some jewellery custom made for her

  • Go on a trip together

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