Wednesday, 2 May 2012

this one has a rude word and person!!!

My good deed this morning was shut down in flames before it barely started. I was in the car park of the local Westfield and saw a 60 odd year old man pacing the car park clearly looking for his car. I went over and asked him "Would you like some help?" He quickly replied "With what?" To which I answered "Looking for your car." Quick as a wink and full of loathing he said "You don't even know what it looks like you stupid bitch." I was gob smacked. As I stood there mouth open in shock he stormed off. Rude and aggravating as it was, it did not deter me from my other planned good dead for the day. For the last couple months I’ve had ongoing dramas with my car. From worn brake pads to the door open alarm continually going off after someone broke into it to the engine randomly cutting out frequently. I was fortunate to find an amazing mechanic who actually listened to me and asked for more information to try assist in fixing the last problem in particular. He did research on the internet. He called other car knowledgeable people to source possible solutions. He always made time even at the last minute for me to bring my car in. He took the car for long drives and triple checked the car before giving it back. He charged me extremely fair prices every time and often didn’t charge me for some things he did. He spent hours talking to me about what might be wrong and why and explaining the mechanics of my car. He showed me how to save money on parts I needed from eBay. Most importantly he was honest. Ok enough already I’m starting to sound like a dam infomercial. So I wanted to thank him, besides paying for the services. With no idea what booze he drank I decided he would love some of my home baked cupcakes and a lovely thank you card. I of course put in reasonable effort to make some chocolate mud fudge, strawberry and cream and moist vanilla cupcakes. I put them with pride into some cupcake boxes and took them to the mechanic. Wasn’t so great though that right out the front I tripped on who knows what and landed on them. Flat cakes anyone? Perhaps it’s time I make like a donkey dick and hit the road, cause maybe Brisbane aint the place for me…….

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