Monday, 21 May 2012

first impressions

Why is it that the mornings you wake up and wanna cover your head with the blanket and not face the day that seem to always go pear shaped? Go the kids to school on time and then headed off to a new playgroup. One of the mums who’s kid is friends with my school boys told me about it and I thought would be great to get to know her for future play dates. After school drop off I had 45mins to kill. Found where the playgroup was and drove to Woolies to pick up something for the mums for morning tea. Whilst there the mum told me there is a roster for that so not to worry so let my well behaved toddler chose a drink. He was like an angel at the supermarket, did what he was asked, no tantrums and no touching. Get to the checkout to pay the $1.70 for his little drink to discover I have left my purse at home. How stupid and how embarrassing. Toddler is shattered he can’t have his drink and starts bawling his gorgeous eyes out. I’m not sure if the embarrassment or the disappointment is worse. So we get in the car to drive the 15 mins home and get my purse so I can pay for playgroup. This now makes us late for playgroup kick off but I’m not too fussed about that. Turns out as a new member I get to go three times before I have to pay anyway.

Riley has not had a toilet accident in so long I can’t even remember when the last time was. Today however he of course wets his pants right in the middle of everything. I forget the coffee I’m having and dash to clean him and the puddle before another kid slips in it, one kid, not my own, was enough. Dealing with that my abandoned coffee is knocked over and burns a kids finger. Over to that incident I dash, slip on the clean but wet floor. Hobble over to the lovely mum and check burnt finger is ok and apologize profusely. Things settle for about five mins before toddler comes running over with a picture that he’s ripped off and ruined some other kids art work. Way to make a good impression.

After playgroup we head back to the supermarket to get that promised treat from earlier. Once inside toddler does two consecutive massive sneezes and has a disgusting nose. I have my purse but of course nappy bag is in the car. Without a tissue at hand he thinks it’s a great idea to then smear his nose from the top of my thigh down to the knee just as another mum from playgroup turns down the aisle. I think John is right I should shop online and use my web cam for toddler to have play dates. Snail trail leg is so gross.


  1. Cheer Up Charlie......

    1. That's hilarious. Cheered me right up thanks John xx. Used to love that show but don't remember it bein soft porn!

    2. Good, glad it had the desired effect. Its hard enough starting again in a new city without all this craziness happening.
      Hopefully everything will soon fall into place, i.e you'll stop having "incidents" that prevent you from expanding your network of QLD friends.
      Just think, if 20% of Brisbane are foreigners, then how many are from other states? You'll soon find your niche :-)
      Until then it's tissues & coffee frappes when it all gets too much :-(

    3. ahhhh coffee and a kleenex always does the trick

    4. i get snail trails on my leg but its not from snot.