Friday, 11 May 2012

Mothers Day Tips for the Dad/Hubby/Boyfriend/Partner

1.    Stuff breakfast in bed. Take the kids out and leave her alone in bed to sleep in peace and quiet. Make her breaky/brunch with the kids when you come back. On the sleeping note, if the kids wake up during the night, you get up and let her sleep.

2.    Most mums with young kiddies would love some blissful time at a day spa. You look after the children while she goes for some relaxing time and maybe a coffee or lunch afterwards. Day spa too pricey for your budget? No worries. Most major stores, even Coles sell foot spa packs for like $25. Buy her that, fill it for her with warm water and set it up for use. When she’s done dry her feet and spend some time rubbing and massaging moisturizer into them. Some people have aversions to having their feet touched or touching other peoples feet, in that case skip that idea. Run her a hot bath with something gorgeous smelling in it and have something nice to drink at hand. Get the kids to bed early, light some candles and massage her yourself. Don’t whine it hurts your hands. Don’t take less than ten minutes. Don’t expect sexy time when you’re finished but that may be a bonus especially if there was wine or champagne with the bath. Don’t know how to massage – Google it or watch some YouTube.

3.    Give her the night off dinner. Take her out for dinner, somewhere with a play area or entertainment for the kids. Get take away if you prefer to stay home and relax. The budget friendly take out option is a hot chook from the supermarket with some oven bake chips or chips from a fast food outlet. Better still cook her something. Doesn’t matter if it’s toasted sanga’s your efforts will be appreciated. Make sure you clean up afterwards.

4.    Plan a day out. Choose a location that suits your budget. Parks, playgrounds, beaches, museums, libraries and swimming pools are great cheap picnic venues. More flashy places include zoos, theme parks, movies, bowling or aquariums. Remember the kids need to be entertained. Once you have chosen the place, you get the kids ready and you pack all the bags and food. Ask her opinion on the bags and food if necessary and do not get angry with her answer just take the feedback on board and make the necessary adjustments. Get your directions before you leave.

5.    Clean the house for her from top to bottom. Even do the washing and ironing. If you can’t be bothered pay some professionals to do it for you.

6.    Give her an arvo home alone to do whatever she wants. Don’t expect any cooking or cleaning just her to enjoy some peace and quiet in the comfort of her own home. SHe probably just want to go to the toilet alone and have a shower undisturbed. If the budget allows, take her away for some time out.

7.    Think she might like some new clothes but not sure what to get or where to start? Organize someone to watch the kids and take her shopping. Be patient, honest and helpful while you’re there. It could take hours. Give her a budget of how much she can spend before she starts. Even if its $20 she will still enjoy spending the time with you trawling the shops. Don’t forget to feed her while you’re there.

8.    Gifts aren’t rocket science kids. Think about what she likes and buy something to do with it. It does not have to be expensive. If she likes reading, buy her a book or borrow one from a library for her. Op shops have book treasures at times so that’s an option. If she likes perfume find one you love and buy it for her. If she uses body wash or body lotion go and get her some gorgeous ones. If she drinks buy her some booze. There’s jewelry, gym gear (drink bottles/absorbent towels/socks), make up, candles, books, clothes, shoes, accessories, food, magazine subscriptions, lingerie, perfume, luggage, nail polish, stationary, mugs and cups, short courses, high tea’s, adrenalin adventures, sleepwear, movies, dinners out, tools, plants, craft, gosh I could go all night. You get the point though there’s millions of ideas. Bunnings can even help you with Mother’s Day D.I.Y projects and free workshops for the kids as well. Get the kids to make her something. The internet has mountains of ideas there too. Hand prints, photos and lovely words are all winners. It does not have to be flashy and expensive for her to feel special.

9.    Everyone loves flowers. They look pretty and generally smell nice. Florists are everywhere but even supermarkets have come a long way here and offer some pretty nice reasonably priced bunches. These don’t last forever so you could buy potted flowers that you then plant in the garden for her to enjoy for years to come.

10. Tell her how much she’s loved and appreciated. Tell her what she does that you love. Things that make you and the kids happy. Motherhood is tougher than she makes it look so make sure she knows she’s doing a great job and how much you all love her.

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  1. Classic. What part of "Give me a dang break" don't us men get ;-)