Saturday, 26 May 2012

vacation from life

My vacation from life would be on a gorgeous secluded island somewhere far from home. I would not take my husband or kids or friends, whom I love and enjoy dearly but do not want the pressure of having to socialize or even talk with. I will have no newspapers or magazines, but there will good reads in a library. There will be no television but an option of a movie if I desire. I will not take any computer devices or my phone, it will be as if I had dropped it into the toilet. I will have no direct connection to the outside world. There will be a way of contacting me in an emergency but I don’t have to bother myself with worrying how.

From the moment I step onto the soft sugar sand I will no longer be a mother or a wife. It will be as if I have dropped all cloaks of conformity and regained my free inhibited self that I once was. I will not care if the dog is fed, the uniforms are washed, the groceries are bought, the house is clean, the washing done, the kids are getting to school and activities, the bills are being paid or that I had remembered to reply to that call/message/text.

I will not have to concern myself with any food responsibilities. There will be no planning, no shopping, no packing, no preparation, no unpacking, no cooking at all in fact. There will be someone easy on the eye who will magically appear and disappear to take care of that. He will also make amazing cocktails and be at my beck and call. This person could in fact be my husband who’s had cooking and Mills & Boon type seduction lessons before coming to the island to sweep me off my feet into bliss. He will also be pretending to be a gorgeous stranger since I am not actually married and not obliged to spend any time with him. Otherwise I may also have a hall pass and so this would not matter. Or I will simply enjoy the pampering, flattery and the view without any other delights. He will clean any spills or breakages I may have and be able to rescue me if I become tangled in my hammock. This however is not a Mills & Boon novel or granny porno as you may know it and so romance is not the point of my journey. It could in fact just cause headaches and maybe diseases.

Of course there will be spa treatments readily available so I may enjoy a massage by the beach under the stars or a pedicure in the banana lounge under a palm tree. Someone to wash and brush my hair while I enjoy the sunset with said cocktails. To even wash my back if i cannot be bothered with as much as this. I think of the movie, Coming to America and the royal bathers.

There will be music so I may dance like no ones watching because no one is. Or so I may laze on the beach dreaming away listening to something wonderful.

There will be no alarms or clocks except for the setting of the sun and rising of the moon and no not my moon as I'm swimming the one in the sky. If I have chosen to do something at a specific time like diving, someone will merely come and advise me it is time.

The island will be all mine and so I may explore at my own leisure and wear nothing but the ocean breeze if I want. There will be no one to see if I happen to flash or spill things on myself. Skinny dipping will be completely acceptable in the crystal clear blue ocean and no tourist boats shall pass by.

For a moment in time I will be in heaven on Earth before the inevitable return to reality.


  1. Oh Emm that sounds like the best fantasy vacation ever!!!!! I would love to wear nothing but my nanna jocks and a comfy cotton singlet all week and be a big hairy gorilla and do nothing but sleep and drink and fall into the water.... and have as many showers and baths as I want to... and eat and eat....and sleep and sleep....and be still. Thank you for takng me to that wonderful place..don't worry..i'm on the other side of the island so if you get lonely and want someone to drink cocktails with we can meet up. xx

    1. Oh Liss that's the idea exactly!! Trust you to know.
      Perhaps a meet up could work if I wasn't too busy doing nothing :D