Wednesday, 2 May 2012

Bugs are big where I come from

Ok so these particular bugs are not dangerous. They can't bite me or even directly hurt me. Yet they give me the creeps all the same and since Victoria doesn't have Jumanji sized bugs these have certainly taken me by some serious surprise. A couple of weeks ago I found this enormous cockroach (well I think it's a cockroach) in the back yard. It made me feel ill to see this thing crawling around my house and all I'm worrying about is where is its family. Today it was this Giant Grasshopper (Valanga Irregularis). Went to get into the car and bam there it was. If grasshoppers are this big, soon I'm going to be seeing spiders as big as cats.


  1. I hate the "BANG' the grasshoppers make as they land on your wall/car etc or how they leap out of the grass when your mowing the lawn & make you jump.
    Played Cane Toad golf lately?

    1. knowing my luck I'd get poisoned by the dam cane toads