Wednesday, 9 May 2012

not for the weak!

Everybody likes to save a buck and I am certainly no exception. When I am at the supermarket and I see marked down meet I flock like a seagull to chips. Whilst doing the grocery shopping for the fortnight today I saw some reduced price meat and was thrilled. Sure it was use by today but I planned on having some for dinner and putting the rest in the freezer. Now when you get home and start to unpack your groceries fridge and freezer products are your first priority. Fridge done I got onto the meat to divide it into dinner sized portions and put into zip lock bags. I was multi-tasking today, being on the phone to my mummy in law and dividing the meat. Opened up the pork loin chops and thought “ew that smells horrid” but as my toddler was clinging to my leg and had a dirty nappy (just made dirty nappy had to wait until ‘cold’ groceries put away) I assumed it was him. Sadly I was completely wrong. I picked up one of the chops to put into the bag and nearly fainted from the stench of rotting flesh. I literally lost my breath. Part of this chop that couldn’t be seen through the cling wrap was in fact greenish grey black. It is almost 10 hours later and I am still feeling nauseated from that stench that is still in my nostrils. I promptly got off the phone and vomited, everywhere. After cleaning it up and changing the nappy I took that putrid meat back to the supermarket. The lady who served me had to open the bag and started dry retching. Nearby customers started complaining about the repulsive stench and one even had to dash outside to vomit in a bin. I of course had to join that lady vomiting at the bin. So no one saw my undies today just my breakfast. We’ve all heard of Green Eggs and Ham but Green Pork and Eggs definitely not for me! Vegetarianism is on the cards.

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