Friday, 4 May 2012

this little doggy went to the library

Tiny budget and long weekend check. Four boys to entertain and feed check. Sleep deprived and thin  patience check. Typical great start. Decided to check out the local library. Plenty of free things to do and see there. Also 10 tween boys on computers jointly playing some maze war game. I'm thinking Wolfenstein but obviously it's a newer game.
Now these lads are all talking loudly, drinking and eating whilst playing. There's music pumping from somewhere and I feel more like I've stepped into some PC Club meet than the library. I have no idea why but I felt obliged to go over and say to them "I don't think you're allowed to do that." One looked my direction for a micro second and said "I think we are Grandma." Giggles all round. Oh snap to the little smarty pants. I am only 32 and hardly Grandma but OK whatever. I then start looking around and see people with store bought coffees, kids running around eating stuff and well loads of talking and people having fun. Man this place has toys, dvd's, cd's, colouring, activities, movies playing, music on for atmosphere, magazines and friendly approachable staff. Has it really been so long since I've been to a library that they are now somewhere that fun is encouraged? Grandma maybe I am since clearly I am out of touch.  20 items of any combination on hire for a month check. A Saturday morning at the library education check. Old dogs can learn new stuff.

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