Monday, 7 May 2012

people are strange

Meeting new people and making friends is a little like blind dating. You talk to them a little on the internet or wherever you meet them first then decide to meet. Usual rules apply, meet somewhere public and don’t give out addresses till you’re almost certain they’re someone you’d like to spend more time with. In the scheme of things we’re all a little unusual but some people are just plain disturbing. I arranged for one of these meet ups on Sunday. Lovely location picked with plenty to keep us all occupied. Time arranged. Picnic all packed. All set for a lovely afternoon. Meet up time came and went. I’ve been having problems with my mobile battery completely dying very rapidly so I started to worry. I didn’t have the other person’s phone number and had only seen pictures on Facebook. There would be no way of contacting her and she was driving a rather decent way to meet me. What if she arrived but couldn’t find me and think I didn’t come. What if my feral tantrum throwing toddler continued to drive me crazy and I couldn’t stand it any longer and had to leave.  We had been at the park for 3 hours already due to me being fed up with cabin fever at home. Being concerned wasn’t necessary in this instance as she certainly did arrive and my phone didn’t die. She may now be washing her eyes out with bleach since whilst in the toilet my toddler opened the door and gave her an eyeful of me doing my business. Maybe I am now on her steer clear list.


  1. Absolutly love it lol and no your not on my steer clear list & I honestly saw nothing was to busy looking at the tv in the floor with my lil monkey.

  2. Oh emm you could not be on anybody's steer clear list. You are too much fun!!!!! Xx