Thursday, 3 May 2012

the things you see

Today started in the usual way. A substantial tantrum from the two year old because he was refused chocolate for breakfast and a full drink bottle spilt all over the floor. I thought to myself, "Great now that's out of the way, it'll be a relaxing day." It kinda was by my standards. We had playgroup today, which toddler and I both LOVE. Whilst sitting having morning tea in their U shaped courtyard with grass in the center, a rainbow lorikeet came out of the blue flying low and smashed straight into a window before flying off. It was ok but the kids all crapped themselves and some adults too. Rather inconvenient as it disrupted my cuppa. I came across this guy driving. There is many explanations I am sure, but it just seemed totally bizarre to be driving alone in his one tonner with that massive ladder and a wheelchair. Just an odd combination. Wheelchair was very nice and in great nick and not strapped down and there was every possibilty of rain.
Returning home from the school pick up I found myself busting to use the little girls room. So with one big kid already inside, I bought my 2 year old into his room where he was happily playing and left the other big kid to get his bag and come in. I tell you it sure is a good thing I only had to do peas not carrots because when I came out the door to the garage was wide open and the garage roller door was also wide open and my 2 year old was MIA. You already know I didn't need to do carrots but I near on crapped myself. Rushing outside in a frantic search I found him a house up and thanked everything possible he was safe. I then had a mini shit fit at the big kid and poured myself a bourbon.

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