Sunday, 29 April 2012

I'm not sure if you're aware but it's been raining cats, dogs, cows, horses and sheep here in Brisbane. Perhaps you watched the AFL on Saturday night and noticed all that rain. Even still I felt yesterday would be a good day to change everyone's sheets. Nothing better than fresh sheets right and I have a dryer so might as well use it. Naturally my little one has an accident on my bed. He's too busy playing iPod to get up or even tell anyone so its seeps right through pillow, doona and woolen underlay. Great! Fresh sheets have to be taken off less than an hour after they were put on. No worries, grin and bear it these things happen. I get home just now and these now washed again and dry sheets, taken from the dryer and left on the floor folded in the basket have the neighbor's cat in them!! I have no idea how this cat got in my garage without me noticing. Yes my laundry is in my garage. Yay get to wash and dry them all over again. Let's hope the rain holds off though because my dryer door has randomly decided to fall off. Of course it has cause I need to get these sheets dry or if left damp too long sheets will go moldy. Wouldn't that be nice? Sleeping on moldy sheets. And no, there won't be Dim Sims for dinner tonight.


  1. My clothes line is all broken, the clothes dryer keeps turning off and my house already looks like a 24 hour laundrymatt. I don't have any cats but if Little Lucy jumps on our bed one more time I reckon dim sims could be on the menu - if only she wasn't so cute.

  2. where's Josh with the sticky tape Sis?? That'll fix it - sticky tape fixes everything